Terms & Conditions


  • "Hirer" means the person(s) named on the booking as using the Apartment.
  • "Apartment" means a property offered for rental by Norwichapartment.com.
  • "Rental Period" means the time from check-in to check-out that the Hirer has booked the apartment.
  • "Rental Charge" is the amount payable by the Hirer for occupation of the Apartment and any other services to be provided by Norwicapartment.com for the Rental Period of the Apartment.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  • All bookings applications accepted by Norwichapartment.com are subject to these terms and conditions that are deemed to have been accepted in full by the Hirer and all persons in the party.
  • Payment of deposit or Rental Charge also indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  • All prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling.
  • The prices quoted include all administration, marketing, and communication charges prior to the Rental Period.
  • All prices are based on costs prevailing at the time of quotation and may be subject to change.

Booking and Payment

  • Payment of a one night deposit or credit card details given by the Hirer to confirm the booking.
  • Payment must be made toNorwichapartment.com in UK Pounds Sterling and must be clear of all bank charges, exchange rate variations, and any other deductions.
  • We are pleased to accept the following methods of payment:
    • Debit or credit card via website
    • Direct bank transfer
    • Bankers draft ,o09
    • Foreign money order
    • UK Sterling
  • Payments made by bank transfer must reach our account net of all bank charges. Please ask your bank to detail your name and invoice number clearly on the transfer. A copy of the transfer should then be sent or faxed to us.

Cancellation by Hirer

  • All notification of cancellation must be made in writing by post, fax or email.
  • If notification is received more than 7-days prior to the arrival date, Norwichapartment.com will refund all payments for each Apartment.
  • If notification is received less than 7-days prior to the arrival date, Norwichapartment.com will not refund the one night deposit as a cancellation fee for each Apartment.
  • If the Hirer wishes to alter the dates of the Rental Period, Norwichapartment.com will use reasonable endeavor to comply with the Hirer's request but cannot guarantee that they will be able to do so.

Change by Norwichapartment.com

  • If Norwichapartment.com is required to cancel or alter the Hirer's booking, Norwichapartment.com will make all reasonable endeavors to notify the Hirer as soon as possible and find alternative accommodation. If Norwichapartment.com is unable find alternative accommodation or the alternative accommodation is not acceptable to the Hirer on reasonable grounds, Norwichapartment.com will refund all money paid by the Hirer up to the date of cancellation and this refund shall constitute full and final settlement of any liability that Norwichapartment.com may have to the Hirer as a result of such cancellation.
  • All refunds by Norwichapartment.com to the Hirer shall be deemed to constitute full and final settlement of any claims the Hirer may have against Norwichapartment.com, and Norwichapartment.com shall not be liable to the Hirer in respect of any other loss the Hirer may suffer as a result of the cancellation or alteration of the booking.


  • Only persons listed on the booking form may occupy the apartment.
  • The Hirer shall declare all persons at the time of booking by name that will be staying in the property.
  • The apartment cannot be re-let/sublet to any other group/party without the written approval of Norwichapartment.com.
  • The number of persons permitted to occupy the apartment is limited to the number of beds available. Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons specified in the apartment description occupy the apartment except by prior written agreement with Norwhichapartment.com. Norwichapartment.com, reserves the right to refuse admittance to the apartment to the Hirer and their party if they are in breach of this condition.

Check-In and Check-Out

  • The apartment is usually available for occupation at 1400 hours on the date of commencement of the Rental Period.
  • Keys will be handed over by a representative of Norwichapartment.com at the Apartment at an agreed time at the Apartment (between the hours of 1200 and 2000 hours).
  • No appearance by the Hirer within 45 minutes of the agreed key handover time may be taken as cancellation by the Hirer at the discretion of Norwichapartment.com.
  • The Apartment must be vacated by 1000 hours on the day of departure by the Hirer.
  • If there is any delay in vacating the apartment beyond the agreed time, a full day's rental may be charged to the Hirer at the discretion of Norwichapartment.com.
  • The keys must be handed to a representative of Norwichapartment.com at an agreed time, or left in the flat with prior agreement with Norwichapartment.com.

Other Obligations of the Hirer

  • The Hirer agrees that they shall:
  • Take reasonable care of the Apartment and the furniture and effects provided by Norwichapartment.com.
  • Leave the Apartment and all furniture and effects clean tidy and in a lettable condition at the end of the Rental Period.
  • Except in cases of normal wear and tear, the Hirer shall be liable for any damage to the Apartment or its contents caused by negligence, willful damage or irresponsible behavior on the part of the Hirer any occupier or their guests. The Hirer agrees to pay the cost of repair or a replacement item(s) that they damaged in addition to a 20 GBP administration fee.
  • Report any damage to the Apartment or to the furniture and effects immediately to Norwichapartment.com.
  • Not keep any dangerous or combustible materials in the Apartment or do anything else which might make the buildings insurance policy covering the building and its contents void or voidable.
  • Not keep any pets of any kind in the Apartment.
  • Not allow any illegal activities to take place within the Apartment.
  • Not smoke in the Apartment or in any other part of the Apartment block.
  • Not remove any items provided by Norwichapartment.com from the Apartment.
  • The Hirer will ensure that nothing is done which may jeopardize our insurance policy or any part of it in respect of the Apartment and its contents.

Facilities and Services

Norwichapartment.com agrees to provide:

  • Fully furnished to a high standard and includes a kitchen fully equipped with appliances, cutlery, crockery, and kitchen utensils.
  • A weekly maid service.
  • A Broadband Internet connection is provided. We cannot be held accountable for any loss of connection. If a loss of connection does occur, Norwichapartment.com will endeavor to get reconnected as quickly as possible.
  • Heating, electricity, water, council tax, and television license.
  • Linen and towels that are and changed once a week (and/or at the start of your Rental Period).
  • Parking is provided for one car per property. Norwichapartment.com do not accept any responcibility for any loss or damage to any cars or for any fines for wrongly parked cars.


  • Termination by Norwichapartment.com
  • Norwichapartment.com has the right to terminate a booking at any time on the grounds of abuse to staff or other guests, mistreatment of the apartment or criminal activity on the part of those occupying the apartment or their guests. In such circumstances, Norwichapartment.com is not obliged to provide or locate alternative accommodation. The period of notice and the proportion of refund are at the discretion of Norwichapartment.com.

Injury or Loss

  • Norwichapartment.com cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal effects howsoever arising.
  • Neither Norwichapartment.com, nor his representatives, can be held responsible for any circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, mechanical breakdown, illness or failure of any public service supply.

Rights of Access

  • Norwichapartment.com or their subcontractors or agencies have the right of access to the property at any time, with due regard to the convenience of the Hirer, for the purpose of cleaning or inspection of the property and to carry out any essential repair or maintenance work.


  • All information supplied by Norwichapartment.com, is given in good faith and is based on information available at the time. All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of any statement made either in writing or otherwise, but Norwichapartment.com is not liable for any variation however caused.


  • Any complaints about the apartment, or its contents, must be made in writing immediately to Norwichapartment.com, 5 Burdock Close Wymondham Nr180YE. Norwichapartment.com will take all reasonable steps to settle the problem. Norwichapartment.com shall not have any liability for any complaint submitted after the completion of the Rental Period.

Force Majeure

  • We will not be liable for any delay, loss, damage or expenses incurred if your booking needs to be altered or cancelled or we are unable to perform our contractual obligations as a result of events beyond our reasonable control, which shall include but not be limited to events such as war, civil strife, terrorist activity, labour disputes, natural or man-made disaster, fire, flood, and adverse weather conditions.


  • The apartment hire cost does not include any personal insurance cover of any kind. It is recommended that insurance is taken out against cancellation. It is further strongly advised that personal accident and medical insurance is also taken out.

Security of Tenure

  • As the apartment is used as serviced holiday accommodation they are exempt from security of tenure under the Rent Act.

Governing Law

  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the Hirer agrees that the Courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from this agreement.

Acceptance of Conditions

  • Your acceptance of these conditions is acknowledged by making a booking and/or by making a payment. Payment of deposit or Rental Charge also indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.